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Fingerprint Padlock P1


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    Distinguish from traditional locks and coded lock, Anylock instantly unlocks with a touch of your single finger. There is no trouble with finding keys, not inconvenience with entering the password.


    Fingerprint Padlock Anytex P1 has super powerful memory storage capacity which can store memory of 10 sets fingerprints at the same time. Share IT with your family and friends.


    Fingerprint Padlock Anytex P1 is made of all-zinc alloy and cast by integrated stamping process. It is seamlessly docked and can withstand more than 500 kilograms of tension.


    By using USB charging, equipped with a built-in 300mAh battery, 0.5um low power design. Just charge once and use up to 2500 times! The rechargeable battery is able to support 2-year standby time and 1-year normal use.


    IP65 waterproofing ability to effectively prevent dust, rain, and salt spray corrosion. In a variety of complex environments from -10°to 45°, Anylock can work normally without fear of extreme environmental tests.


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