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Fingerprint Baglock B1

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Sensitive touch / Multi-purpose / Multiple color options 10 sets/ 304 high strength wire /IP65 waterproof


    Fingerprint Baglock Anytex B1 is an advanced fingerprint sensor lock. Its high-speed CPU guarantees user convenience; a research-inspired design provides the pinnacle of security. Unlock with your fingerprint, its truly keyless.


    Fingerprint Baglock Anytex B1 supports a new kind of capacity fingerprint sensor: up to 508 DPI which allows Fingerprint Baglock Anytex B1to recognize rich fingerprint textures.


    Fingerprint Baglock Anytex B1 is a lightweight, multifunctional fingerprint smart lock. Its portability makes it the perfect option for anything! Use it on front doors, backpacks, luggage, bicycles and much more.


    With it’s IP65 waterproof and 304 high strength steel wire, you can use Fingerprint Baglock Anytex B1 to protect from water on outside activities and can hole up to 100kg. Also, 10 sets of fingerprint can be registered.


    The smart baglock is equipped with a rechargeable 300MAH lithium battery, which can support 2 years standby time and can be unlocked over 2500 times. When out of battery, the smart lock will remain locked, simply connect the lock to a power supply and it will resume working


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