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Fingerprint U-lock U1


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  • It takes only 1 second to unlock and can store 10 fingerprints.


    The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be unlocked 3000 times after charging 1 time


    Fingerprint drawing, fingerprint recognition function setting is very simple, through 360° all-round fingerprint recognition, when the fingerprint changes with time, the fingerprint ID will also be adjusted.


    Equipped with 2 emergency keys, you can use the key to unlock if you encounter insufficient power or an emergency.


    IP65 waterproof design, effectively preventing dust and rain from entering, long service life.


    Sturdy zinc alloy lock body, sturdy and durable.

  • Color:Black

    Material:Stainless steel + TPE

    Groups of fingerprint:10

    Fingerprint collecting time:≤0.5S

    Fingerprint matching time: ≤1S

    The ratio of rejecting real: <0.1%

    The ratio of recognizing false:<0.001%

    Battery: 3.7V /260mAh

    USB TYPE-C input:5V/100mA

    Using Times: Charge 1 time for locking&unlocking 3000 times

    Model: U1-Plus/U1

    Product Size: 265.5*140/214.5*190mm

    Net Weight: 1630g/1405g

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